Transcriptomics ________________________________________________

Pratima Sinha

Understand transcriptional networks controlling microtubule stability in the budding yeast

To gain insight into the molecular mechanisms by which Sum1p, a transcriptional repressor of S. cerevisiae, suppresses defects in α-tubulin folding .

Whole genome transcript profiling of tubulin lacking and tubulin overexpressing yeast cells identified Sum1p as a stress response regulator in yeast. No tubulin or microtubule-specific gene was found to be differentially regulated.

Further questions: how does SUM1-mediated dosage suppression of tub-1 mutations occur?

1. Metabolic regulation? Does down regulation of transcription and specifically of several GTPases lead to increased intracellular levels of GTP known to be critical for α-tubulin and β-tubulin folding?

2. How does the transcriptome differ in the absence of Hst1 and Sir2 proteins?

3. How does acetylation affect the proteome?