Regulation of Gene Expression ________________________________________________

Joyoti Basu, Indrani Bose, Manikuntala Kundu

Regulation of Gene Expression in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and plant signaling
  •  Have combined theoretical modeling with single cell experiments to probe  regulation of gene expression in  stringent response pathway of M. smegmatis subjected to nutrient depletion
  • Have investigated dynamics of  autoactivated two-component system mprA-mprB
  • Switch to mycobacterial persistence under nutrient depletion identified (See also Phenotypic Heterogeneity ) 

Indrani Bose and Subhasis Banerjee:

Functional characteristics of double positive feedback loop coupled with Autorepression:



                     Two-gene motif

  • A two-gene motif involving positive feedback loop coupled with autorepression  forms  core of transcriptional regulatory network controlling pancreatic beta cell function    
  • Maturity-onset-diabetes of the young (MODY) originates from loss of a gene copy due to mutation
  • Have proposed a model based on two-gene motif to provide insight on possible origins of MODY and functional utility of two-gene motif  

Further details: Functional characteristics of a double positive feedback loop coupled  with autorepression by   Banerjee S. and Bose I. Physical  Biology 5 046008 (2008)