Instructions for Submission of Abstract


1.  Only abstracts containing new results will be accepted. Abstracts should clearly and adequately describe the objectives and results of the research. All abstracts must be submitted in English.

  1. All abstracts must be accompanied by a completed Conference Registration Form made out in the name of one of the Authors.

a.  Each abstract should include a title (in capital letters), name(s) of all authors (underline the presenting author), affiliation and email address.

b.  Type entire abstract single-spaced; typing area: width 12.0 cm (4.7 inches), height 24 cm (9.4 inches).

c.  Careful typing and proof-reading are essential.

d.  At the bottom of the abstract please mention the number and name of Scientific Program and mode of presentation requested

There are 3 abstract categories, all with dead-line September 15, 2008:

a. Invited speaker’s abstract: Invited speakers should submit an abstract.

b. “Speakers selected on the basis of submitted abstract”:  Few abstracts submitted in this category will be selected for presentation before plenum as 15 min lectures, based on criteria such as scientific quality, novelty, and diversity. Notification of selection will be e-mailed to the corresponding author by October 30.

 c. Poster abstracts: Posters can be displayed on November 26 –29. Few posters may be selected for 10 min oral presentation before plenum. This selection is based on the submitted abstract, and notification of selection will be e-mailed to the corresponding author before November 10.

In case on line registration and submission of abstract are not possible, three copies of the abstract may be sent along with a CD (indicating the computer-processing program) and a completed Conference Registration Form to:

Prof. Parimal C. Sen
International Conference on Perspective of Cell Signaling and Molecular Medicine
Bose Institute,
P-1/12 CIT Scheme VII M,
Kolkata-700 054, India.
Tel: +91-33-2569-3222; +91 9433012797 (Cellular)

Fax:  +91-33-2355-3886



  1. Abstracts must arrive at our office by September 15, 2008, at the latest.
  2. Registration form along with the payments must arrive at our office by October 15, 2008.

       Abstracts and Conference Registration Form may be sent by e-mail to:;