J. C. Bose Unit and Museum

Father of the modern Indian Science Sir J. C. Bose himself started the display of his instruments which, as a continuous process, made their way into the present Museum in the year 1986-87. The main purpose of this technological Museum is to display and maintain some of the instruments designed, made and used by Sir J. C. Bose, his personal belongings and memorabilia. The Museum is housed in the main campus at 93/1 A. P. C. Road and is open on all weekdays. It is a source of attraction for general public, student and scientists. Distinguished scientists such as noble laureate Prof. Richard Ernst (Switzerland), Prof. Roger Penrose (U.K.), Prof. C. J. Gibbins (U.K.) are among the few who visited the Museum in the recent past.

The activities of the museum are:
  • Participation, on request, to display and demonstrate Sir J. C. Bose's equipment in seminars, symposiums and exhibitions organized by both National and International bodies.
  • Production of replica of original instruments with the help of Bose Institute Workshop.
  • Offers assistance to National and International bodies in preparing films related to History of Science in India.
  • Takes part in manpower Training Programs on Millimeter Wave Technology organized by the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Calcutta University and sponsored by Department of Electronics, Govt. of India.
  • Acts a resource point regarding life and works of Sir J. C. Bose to students, scientists, historians and common people.
  • Participates in mass awareness programs in science through slides and popular lectures.

Mr. Dibakar Sen
93/1 A.P.C. Road, Kolkata 700 009, INDIA