Bose Institute Library proxy bookmark website

At the click of a mouse, Bose Institute Members can now access from anywhere, full-texts of all journals that we subscribe online.


It's all about a bookmark!


1. Why use it?

With this bookmarklet you can directly access any paper from any journal for which the BI Library enjoys online subscription. Even if you are off-campus, you need not go through the BI Library website each time you require to access papers of your choice.

Visit the journal website directly and simply click on the bookmark. That's it!

2. How does it work?

On clicking this bookmark, the Bose Institute Library proxy is automatically added to the URL in your browser at the right place. This implies you can view subscribed journals anywhere, just as you do on campus.

Please note that you might be asked for your ID and password, if you are not authenticated.

Once authenticated, you should not be asked for any further authentication at least not until you quit your browser completely. This means, you can open any number of tabs and windows in the browser and just click on the "BI Proxy" bookmark to access any paper of your choice that we subscribe.

Please take care to refresh the page if necessary. 

 3. How do I install it in my browser?

For Internet Explorer (IE):
  • Right click on <BI Proxy> and select "Add to Favorites".
  • If you want to add to "Links", go to "Favourites" and drag and drop the bookmarklet to "Links".
For IE7 only:
  • Click and drag the link to the "Links" toolbar.
  • If you see the messsage: "You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?", click "Yes".
  • Does the "Links" toolbar appear in your browser? If it does not, go to View ->Toolbars menu of the browser and enable it.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Right click on <BI Proxy> and select "Bookmark This Link".
  • Alternatively, you can click and drag the link to the "Bookmarks" toolbar.

For Chrome:

  • If your "Bookmarks bar"  is missing, press ctrl + B to make it appear (ctrl+shift+B for Linux users and ctrl+command+B for MAC users).
  • Click and drag the <BI Proxy> link to your "Bookmarks bar". Enter <BI Proxy> in the name field of the bookmark, if required.

  For Safari:

  • Click and drag <BI Proxy> to the "Bookmarks" bar.

Please convey your feedback to : Sanjib Gupta or Soumen Roy
Last-modified: Wed, Aug 03 2011 11:50:45 AM IST