From The Desk of The Director...  
Name of the Director Year of Joining Year of Termination
Acharya J. C. Bose 1917 23rd Nov, 1937
Dr. D. M. Bose 1937 Sep, 1967
Dr. S. M. Sircar 30th Sep, 1967 31st Dec, 1975
Prof. A. K. Saha 1976 1977
Prok. S. C. Bhattacharya 14th Nov, 1977 29th Nov, 1984
Prof. B. B. Biswas 22nd Apr, 1985 28th Feb, 1990
Prof. P. K. Roy 1st June, 1992 19th May, 2000
Prof. M. Siddiqi 9th Oct, 2001 31st Dec, 2005
Prof. S. Raha 27th Feb, 2006