Center for Astroparticle Physics and Space Science (CAPSS)

National facility at Darjeeling : Objective

The centre, with the scientists from Bose Institute as in-house faculty and scientists from various other partner institutions, is devoted to the theoretical, experimental and observational research in cosmology, astrophysics, atmospheric chemistry, climate study and chemical weather. The centre is based at Bose Institute, Kolkata, with the base station for observations at Bose Institute, Darjeeling (altitude ~7400’) and another proposed experimental site at Sandakphu (altitude ~13000’). Supplementary measurements are being carried out at North Bengal University at Siliguri (sea level) as well as Tiger Hill (altitude ~ 8480’). In addition, substantial efforts are devoted to disseminating science to the populace, especially school and college students, of the hill region, with the aim of encouraging them to pursue careers in scientific and technological fields. Another important ingredient of the activity here is to adopt a programme of regular training/workshops at the Centre for developing competent manpower in these areas. It is firmly believed that the activities at the Centre shall be multidisciplinary and sustainable over many years. At the initial phase of the first 5 years (Phase I), focus of the research will however be on selected programmes, which concentrate primarily on the high altitude environment. To this end,  the centre has undertaken the following four (4) major programmes for the first phase :

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