Center for Astroparticle Physics and Space Science (CAPSS)

Theoretical Physics

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics / Quantum entanglement / Quantum information:

Foundational issues of Quantum Mechanics like the Quantum Measurement Problem, Quantum Nonlocality, the Macroscopic limits of validity of Quantum Mechanics, Time in Quantum Mechanics, and the Quantum Zeno Effect.

Nonstandard interpretations (such the Bohmian model) and the possibility of empirically discriminating them from the standard interpretation.

Connecting various foundational aspects of Quantum Mechanics with realizable experiments using Neutron/Electron/Atomic interferometry and the Quantum Optical methods.

Fundamental features of Quantum Entanglement, including aspects of Quantum Information Transfer/Processing such as Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Teleportation.

Applications of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Information in the cosmological scenario. Interplay between Black Hole Thermodynamics and Quantum Information.

Group members :

Faculty / Scientist Student / RA
Dipankar Home
Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay

Theoretical high energy physics / Astrophysics and Cosmology / Solar physics:

Various aspects of QCD phase transition, quark matter and its astrophysical implications, strange star, neutron star, in-medium modifications of hadronic properties, phenomenological works relevant for relativistic heavy ion collision experiments, Topological defects.

Solar plasma physics.

Group Members :

Faculty / Scientist Student / RA
Sibaji Raha Sarbani Majumdar
Sanjay K. Ghosh Md. Younus
Rajarshi Ray Soumitra Maity
Partha Sarathi Joardar Sayan Biswas
Kinkar Saha
Sudipa Upadhyay

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