Center for Astroparticle Physics and Space Science (CAPSS)

Nuclear Physics

In recent times the focus of nuclear physics has moved towards short-lived exotic nuclei. Major discoveries of unexpected new phenomena have been made such as neutron halos and skins and the modification of magic numbers far from stability. Study of giant resonances in exotic nuclei also add to our understanding of nuclear matter equation of state and effective nucleon-nucleon interaction. Experimentally such studies encounter major hurdles and demand pioneering developments. Our interests include

  1. Transfer reactions of exotic nuclei
  2. Giant Resonances in exotic nuclei
  3. Proton scattering of neutron-rich oxygen isotopes
  4. Monte Carlo simulations of charged particle detector arrays
  5. Analyzing power puzzle
  6. Breakup of loosely bound light nuclei

Group Members:

Faculty / Scientist Student / RA
Dhruba Gupta

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