Bioinformatics Centre
A.J.C. Bose Centenary Building,
P-1/12, CIT Scheme - VII M,
Kolkata - 700 054, India

Vision of the Department: Bioinformatics Centre (BIC), Bose Institute

The mission of the Bioinformatics Center (BIC) is to train the next generation of researchers in bioinformatics for both academia and industry. The students are trained to derive techniques from applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, physics, chemistry, and biology to study biological composition, structure, function, and evolution at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels. It comprises all aspects of the gathering, storing, analyzing, predicting, and disseminating the corresponding information.


The core curriculum of the department aims at providing training in the more quantitative aspects of modern biomedical research, evolutionary biology, molecular dynamics, protein folding, cross-training of young computer scientists, physicists and engineers in biology, and biologists and biochemists in quantitative approaches, to produce top-notch scientists who are equipped for an increasingly interdisciplinary research model.

Major Goals:

Understanding the structure and folding of proteins and their interactions with other large and small molecules using biophysical techniques (especially, X-ray crystallography) and database analysis.

Identifying and understanding the different evolutionary forces by analyzing the genomic and functional data of various organisms.

Applying high performance computing to understand the mechanisms of molecular recognition processes and using that knowledge for designing novel therapeutic molecules.

To investigate biomarkers (such as microRNAs) in multifactorial diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders etc. using systems biology and high throughput techniques, such as Microarray, and elucidating the regulatory networks in cancer stem cells.

To establish and maintain collaborations with laboratories and institutes in India and abroad which are involved in related areas of research.


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