Tender R/MC/chem./2022/07 due on 31.12.07

Class III Bio Safety Cabinet, totally enclosed ventilated unit of gas- tight construction. Operations in the cabinet to be conducted through Hand – Holes with gloves. The Cabinet unit is to be  maintained under negative pressure. Supply air is to be drawn into the cabinet through HEPA filters. The exhaust air is to be treated by HEPA filtration and incinerations.


Technical  Specifications:

Internal Dimension

W 1200 x D 600 x H 600 mm

External Dimension

W 1300 x D 1415 x H 2200 mm (external dimensions must allow the instrument to enter the site of location)


0% recirculation & 100% exhaust with Double HEPA Filtration

Glove Ports

Two glove ports fitted with neoprene  gloves attached in a glass-tight manner and replacable without compromising containment. Glove port should be minimum 8 inches in diameter.

Cabinet Negative Pressure

Minimum 0.5” Negative Pressure as per NSF 49, Audio alarm for low vacuum

Air Cleanliness level

ISO Class 5 as per ISO 14644-1

Air volume

At initial velocity

Down Flow HEPA filter

Mini –Pleat HEPA , Efficiency >99.9%, łH13 Grade

Exhaust HEPA filter

2 Stage Mini –Pleat HEPA , Efficiency >99.9% at 0.3µ, łH13 Grade

Pre Filter

EU 3 grade, washable Pre filter

Light Intensity

> 900 Lux at work table

Material of Construction

IS 304 grade Stainless Steel  with Satin finish

Front Door

SS Framework with 5 mm clear Poly Carbonate Sheet – Air Tight

Construction with Pneumatic Lift

Work Surface

IS 304 grade stainless steel with satin finish

Differential Pressure (ΔP)- 2 Nos

0-25mm Magnehelic Gauge for HEPA filter

Negative Pressure

0-25mm Magnehelic Gauge for HEPA filter

Exhaust Motor Blower – 2 Nos

DIDW type Centrifugal Blower, 1000 CFM, Direct Driven, Statically and dynamically balanced Impeller, Single Phase, 1440 RPM

Ultra Violet lamp

15 watts, 3 Feet (Phillips, Holland or equivalent make)

Pass Box – 2 Nos

Double side Pass Boxes designed to avoid cross contamination entry into the cabinet, to enable samples and other work items to be passed to and from the chamber. The unit should  act as an air lock device preventing ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the cabinet.

Microbe Burn Out

 The system should be equipped with high resistance electric heater with asbestos / glass wool insulation. The system must   be provided with automatic temperature controlling thermostat to raise the exhaust air temperature to 100-degrees Celsius above ambient temperature


5/15 amps Power Socket Switch (2nos.), levelling leg, Drain cock, Air/Gas Cock