Tender reference No.  R/3921(VIII)/07  Date: 29.10.2007


Name of item :-  Rotary Vacuum Evaporator (Vertical Condenser) with Vacuum

                            Controller,Diaphragm Pump and Circulating Baths:.



Vertical Condenser with normal glass,manual quick action jack for raising and lowering of flask by hand, optimized condenser with all connections at lower part of the condenser sealing system made of PTFE/glass for long lasting combi-clip for easy fixing and removal of vapour duct. Rotation speed : 20-280 rpm,evaporation flask from 50-4000 ml. Can be used on the same joint adapter without additional connectionas,CE approval,complete with 1 litre evaporating & 1 litre receiving flask, operated on 230V/50 HZ.

Heating bath : bath capacity: 4 litres, flask capacity:4 litres,controlled temperature range: 20 deg C to +95 degC,Scale : 0 to 100 degC, heating on/off, underpan heating element and plastic protective insulating bath wall , operated on 230V/50HZ.

Diaphragm Pump with PTFE with PEEK head, final vacuum <10 mbar,suction volume:1.8 m3/h,speed arounf 1600 rpm   with  sound absorber, integrated gas ballast (drying of diaphragm during operation for consistently high pumping volume),noise level <55 dba, operated on 230V/50HZ.

Integrated Vacuum Controller for display, adjustment and control of vacuum.

Solvent database for convenient setting of distillation conditions. Timer function for process termination after pre-specified time. Labvac function for control of laboratory vacuum system.

Measuring range: 1400-0 mbar(hpa);Control range: 1100- 1 mbar(hpa)

Accuracy of measurement : +/- 2 mbar(+/- 1 digit) following alignment at constant temperature.

Circulating bath:capacity:4-6 litres,temp. range : -25 degC to +150 degC, temperature accuracy :+ 0.05degC at 10degC,Pump capacity : 24 litres/mint,digital display,PID microprocessor controlled, electronic programmable timer(max. to 99 hours 59 minuites)for setting start and stop automatically ,seamless stainless steel bath, digital controller has RS 232 interface for full remote PC control,operated on 230V/50HZ.


Cold Trap:

Specification:      Temp Range down to 42degC

Cooling System: One step HP.