1. Tender No. Ref.No.MEF/07-08/03/R/3319(V)/07
 Item Name: Refrigerator
 * Godrej Make 263 Ltr.
 * Double door
 * Frost Free
 * Model No. GFE28C
 Item Name: Voltage Stabilizer
 * 1.5 KVA
 * Suitable for Refrigerator
 2. Tender No. MEF/07-08/04/R/3320(V)/07
 * Horizontal flow
 * Particle retention: 0.2 –0.3 micron & above.
 * Velocity: 90 FPM
 * Noise level: 65 db(A)  *5%
 * Motor: 0.25 HP, 1440 rpm, 220V
 * Cabinet: Water proof ply with synthetic rubber paint
 * The side of panels and front door are made of polycarbonate.
 * Attachment: Static pressure manometer.
 * UV germination tube.
 * Size: 4’ x 2’ x 2’
 3. Tender No. MEF/07-08/05/R/3321(V)/07
 Item Name: Weighing Machine
 *Weighing Capacity: 200 – 250g
 *Readability: 0.1mg
 *Linearity: ą0.1mg – 0.2mg
 *Display: LCD
 *Calibration: Internal
 *Voltage: 220/230 Volts 50 Hz
 4. Tender No. MEF/07-08/06/R/3322(V)/07
 Item Name: Bacteriological Incubator
 Specification: Size of chamber: 24"X24"X24" (WXDXH)
 No. of tray: 3 Nos., Double walled construction.  Inner chamber is made of
highly polished stainless steel 304 quality. Outer body MS with powder
coated paint. Heating is done by low wattage density long lasting heater
element to maintain temperature from Ambient to 80ēC. Inner glass door and
outer insulated door. Digital temperature controller with blower.
Electrically operated on 220/230 Volts AC.
 5. Tender No. MEF/07-08/07/R/3323(V)/07
 Item Name: Rotary Shaker
 Specification: Platform size: 16”x16”
 Platform type, adjustable stainless steel Lotus clamp to hold conical
flask 1ltr, 500ml & 250ml, speed 50 to 150rpm with DC shunt motor with
variac control. Supply on 220 Volt. single phase AC.