Department of Microbiology

Bose Institute, Kolkata


1. Tender No. 2/Micro/07-08


Item Name : One copier (Laser),

Specification : Cannon make


2. Tender No. 3/Micro/07-08


Item Name : Hepa Filter for Laminar Flow


3. Tender No. 4/Micro/07-08


Item Name : Tripple-deck rotary Shaker

Specification :

Platform size : 36 x 36

T-fold various types of Conical Flask by S.S. lotus clamp 3 lit. 1 lit, 500ml 250 ml, 100ml


4. Tender No. 5/Micro/07-08

Item Name : Renovation of 370C Incubator Room


Potential bidders willing to quote for renovation will be allowed to inspect the 370C Incubator Room on and from 15/10/07 16/10/07 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.