No.: R / 2697 / 08                                                                 Dated:  September 19, 2008






Sub.:    Issue of Medical Identity Cards to CMS Beneficiaries.


It has been decided to issue identity cards to the beneficiaries of Contributory Medical Scheme (CMS) of Bose Institute. All the members (Regular Employees, Pensioners and Family Pensioners) of CMS are hereby requested to fill up the enclosed application form and submit the same within one month from the date of issue of this Circular. The Officials posted in Main Campus shall submit their application forms to Shri T. Maji/Shri D. Nandy in the Main Campus and officials posted in other campuses and pensioners & family pensioners shall submit their application forms to Shri Susanta Das/Shri Sankar Mukherjee in the Centenary Building. Two copies of ID Card Size (2 x 2 cm) photograph and proof of age & address of all eligible family members shall also be submitted with the application form. One copy of the photograph shall be pasted in the space provided for in the application form (column 12) and the other copy shall be supplied in an envelope.


The circular and the application form are also put up in the Institute website, which may be downloaded/copied.




(Dr. U. Sadhu)

Dy. Registrar


Distribution  :


1)  Director/Registrar – for kind information

2) All Chairmen/Heads of all Deptts./ Sections/Units . .with a request to bring the circular to the notice of the regular staff members of their respective Deptt./ Sections/Units.

3)  Librarian/ Workshop Supdt.

4)  AR I, II, III/A.O./A&F.O.

5) Members, Standing Medical Committee

6)  Shri Subir Sen . . . may please send a copy of the circular and the application form to all the Pensioners/Family Pensioners who are members of the CMS.

7)  Shri Susanta Das/Shri Sankar Mukherjee/Shri T. Maji/Shri D. Nandy

8)  Overseer’s Cell

9)  M. File