Bose Institute will conduct short tern training for M.Sc. students in Life Sciences, Physics and Chemistry from different Universities during the months of May to July 2008. The training will be conducted by a group of Faculty Members of the Institute who would take students based on their own discipline and Academic Interest and those of the students.


1.      Ten (10) students nominated either by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), KVYP (DST) or holding Bose Institute Fellowship among JBNSTS Scholars will be taken in for short term training, as per schedule decided by the nominating authority. Prior approval will have to be obtained from the Bose Institute by the students while making such applications to the different organizations.


2.      Ten (10) M.Sc. students from Universities of Calcutta, Jadavpur, Kalyani, Burdwan, Visva Bharati, Vidyasagar and North Bengal University may be accepted for short term training after the respective Universities (or the Head of the Departments) enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Bose Institute. Such students would be taken in on recommendation from the respective Heads of Departments and further selection by the Institute.


3.      Twenty (20) M.Sc. students from other Universities would be accepted having been selected by a Committee appointed by the Director of the Institute.

Application for such training will be received from students which should include the complete biodata of the students along with a one page write up describing in short of his/her area of interest and why Bose Institute is being chosen for the training along with a forwarding letter from the Departmental Head/Chairman. The applications should be sent either to the Director, Bose Institute (Centenary Building), P-1/12. C.I.T. Scheme – VIIM , Kolkata – 700 054 or to Professor Parimal C. Sen, Academic Affairs Committee, Division of Molecular Medicine, Bose Institute, 93/1, A.P.C. Road, Kolkata – 700 009 ( ; ) latest by February 29th 2008. The selected candidates will be informed by mid April 2008.